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European Foundation for Support of Culture

36, Merchants Street
Valletta, VLT 1173
Republic of Malta.

Tel.: +356 777 27 222
Email: events@eufsc.eu

Web: www.eufsc.eu

President: Konstantin Ishkhanov

Register court: Malta Laws Court

Reference number: VO/1098

Sales tax identification number: 920013412


For only € 200 you get your subscription tickets for
all the concerts and free entrance to  the master classes.




Tickets available from 1 December 2016.


Choose your own seat and print out your own ticket.


Tickets available from 1 December  2016.


Quick and easy service.
Phone: +356 777 27 222, +356 278 77 705
(Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm, Sat 9 am to 6 pm, Sun 10 am to 4 pm)


Unsold tickets, if any, can be bought at the venue one hour before the start of the concert. For some concerts,
the Malta International Music Festival guarantees students
(below the age of 30) a quota of last-minute tickets. An overview can be found here. Please bring a valid student card.


The addresses of our concert venues can be found here.


Would you like to attend a concert with ten people or more?
We offer a special service for business customers
(e.g. tour organizers), institutions (e.g. schools of adult education) and private groups, allowing them to reserve
and place orders for tickets in bulk one year in advance.


Phone: +356 777 27 222, +356 278 77 705
(Mon-Fri 8 am to 8 pm, Sat 9 am to 6 pm, Sun 10 am to 4 pm)


Our subscription service will be happy to help you
able to visit all via telephone
+356 777 27 222, +356 278 77 705
or email


Аcquiring a subscription for all the concerts of the festival,
the master classes and concerts of students for free.

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Our Ticket partners

Email: info@ticketline.com.mt


Visit Malta

Holy Week
& Easter

The celebrations of Holy Week and Easter are primarily of a religious character, taking place in churches where the faithful gather in large numbers to commemorate the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.

Holy Week commences on the Friday preceding Good Friday, when the statue of Our Lady of Sorrows is carried in a procession through the streets of Valletta and many other towns and villages.

On Maundy Thursday - the eve of Good Friday - the ‘seven visits’ take place, which are the visits to seven different churches, to pay homage to the Altars of Repose.

Good Friday gives a sombre outlook, as churches are deprived of the traditional ornamental style. Late in the afternoon, various towns and villages commemorate the Passion of the Christ with a solemn procession of statues. Each of these statues represents a particular episode in the Passion of the Christ and is carried by bearers. Between one statue and another (some ten in all) participants are dressed as biblical characters who take part in the procession in a dignified manner. Many processions include men bearing a cross and sometimes dragging chains as well tied to their bare feet, as an act of faith or penance.

The mood changes totally on Sunday, when the ringing of church bells announces the Resurrection of Christ. Mid-morning on Easter Sunday, a procession with the statue of the Risen Christ moves along the streets accompanied by band playing festive tunes. At the end, the way is cleared and the statue-bearers take a run to carry the Risen Christ triumphantly back into the church.

Easter day is traditionally celebrated with a special family lunch. It is also a time to visit relatives and friends, exchanging good wishes and small presents. It’s also tradition to give children chocolate-coated easter eggs and a ‘figolla’, almond-filled pastry in the shape of a rabbit, lamb, fish or heart, covered in icing sugar.



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